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    Physical Fitness Program Should Benefit The Whole Body 

    The benefits of any physical fitness program should be to the body as a whole. That is your exercise routine must concentrate on improving the overall fitness of the body. You should increase your strength, stamina and suppleness.

    Stamina, the ability to keep yourself going, is a key reason for any athlete to do well. Building better stamina can be accomplished through a variety of means and will help you do more in all areas of life. Stamina, or endurance can be improved by moving the large muscle groups in the body, in a rhythmic and continues motion. This kind of motion can be got from running, jogging, skipping and sports such as football, tennis and swimming. This kind of exercise is very beneficial for your heart’s health. The aerobic activity pushes the heart to pump more oxygen to cells within the body. A well conditioned heart can pump more blood with fewer heartbeat than a less conditioned heart.

    You must control your blood sugar levels, which will affect your stamina. Your brain sends signals to the body and is responsible for every thing that happens inside the body. The fuel for brain is glucose. This glucose is not stored in brain. There is direct relation between glucose level and blood sugar levels. When blood sugar level is high, the excess gets stored as fat, which effects your stamina. At the same time when sugar level goes down due to longer intervals between meals, brain doesn’t gets its fuel. When brain is denied fuel to act smoothly fatigue sets in and effects your stamina. Eating smaller, more frequent meals will help keep blood sugar regulated throughout the day.


    A strength exercise routine should include exercises for the whole body starting from upper body, mid section to lower body. Due to strength exercises bones and muscles get strong. Strength exercise enhances calcium absorption in bones, which helps building of bones and bones to stay strong. Regular exercise results in increased bone density. Exercise such as push-ups, pull-ups and squats are very useful to tone your muscles. Running or walking up-hill will strengthen the thigh muscles. Using one’s own body weight as resistance is the simplest and easiest way to build muscle strength. A good physical body increases your confidence levels as well as keeps you active all day.


    Suppleness is the ability to bend or twist with ease. This motion of a joint can be increased by stretching. Stretching exercises improves this suppleness of the body allowing one to bend and move easily without discomfort. The full range of the motion can be gone through with ease. After a workout or a game or a routine exercise, stretching exercise is a must and be done without fail. This exercise keeps you more relaxed and flexible, gives a better coordination between the muscles and helps to prevent injuries. Your movements will have a graceful look.

    Raghu Natrajan


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    A Simple Solution to Getting Fit and Passing Firefighter Physical Selection Tests 

    Too many people turn up for the physical selection tests to

    become a firefighter having not prepared properly, by either

    not having reached the required standard or more usually,

    not trained in the correct way.

    Most fire brigades are now adopting the same test, designed

    around testing an applicants physical ability in job related

    tasks, such as carrying hose and ladders.

    So how do you best prepare physically for these tests?

    Well, the role of a firefighter is varied from a physical

    point of view. They need stamina, strength, endurance and

    flexibility which all need to be at a high standard. The

    tests will highlight any weaknesses you have in your overall


    The key to passing these tests is having a good balance in

    these four disciplines.

    Strength – to carry bulky fire service equipment or pitch

    heavy ladders

    Endurance – to run out lines of hose over long distances or

    drag unconscious people to safety from buildings.

    Flexibility – work for long periods in confined spaces such

    as tunnels or lift shafts

    Stamina – to carry out a detailed search of a smoke filled

    building, overcoming obstacles whilst conserving air in

    breathing apparatus

    What if you could train in a way that meant you improved

    strength, endurance, flexibility and stamina in a fraction

    of the time and was in such good shape that you could breeze

    through firefighter physical selection tests?

    The answer lies in calisthenics or body weight fitness


    First off, you don’t need to go to a gym, nor do you need

    any equipment, nor do you need to leave the house and best

    of all, you can complete a killer workout which hits all

    muscles and improves overall fitness in around 20 minutes.

    Calisthenics train the muscles of the body in a natural way

    and because much of it involves balance, you hit muscles in

    a different way than when using weights.

    Certain exercises will also improve your strength, endurance

    and flexibility at the same time. For example, an exercise

    known as the crab, back bridge or back bend whereby you lie

    on your back and then push off the ground so your back

    arches and your hands and feet are supporting your whole

    body will work every muscle of the body and greatly improves

    flexibility. It requires strength to push off the ground


    as you hold the position for longer, the endurance in your

    muscles will improve.

    The key to passing the physical selection tests is having

    overall fitness and having high levels of strength, stamina,

    endurance and flexibility.

    Calisthenics will deliver the results you want and need in

    the quickest time possible while being a safe, natural way

    to train and not impacting on your wallet.

    Don’t waste time training the wrong way for something so

    important, the road to fitness and to passing firefighter

    physical selection tests comes in the form of bodyweight


    ‘Want to get firefighter fit?’ James Holder is the author of an incredible new fitness training manual which brings huge increases in fitness in only 20 minutes of training without having to leave your home, no gyms or equipment needed. Train naturally using calisthenics. Go to ->


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    How to Build Stamina 

    Your body can certainly take a beating once you get too immersed in your workaday world. Your body may be dragged into all kinds of discomfort especially if you stay in the office for too long or if you exhaust yourself in sports or any other physical activities.

    Stamina level may differ from one person to another depending on the state of body and other factors such as age, sex, current ailments or injuries. If you lack stamina, it is a cinch that you will feel lethargic and fatigued. Stamina decreases as you get older so it is important to take the necessary steps to increase your endurance. Here are some amazing ways on how you can build your stamina:


    One of the most common methods used to improve cardiovascular health and stamina is running. Set an achievable distance at first and try to jog early in the morning. You can increase the speed and distance as you progress. Invite a couple of friends for a morning jog. You can even ask your special someone to walk your pet dog on weekends while you do your rounds.

    Weight training

    You can build your stamina by lifting weights. It is usually advised that you get a trainer if you are a newbie but if you are already a regular gym member, feel free to use free weights, weight machines and even your own weight in sculpting your muscles while drastically increasing your stamina.


    Jumping into the water like Michael Phelps will greatly increase your stamina since each and every muscle in your body gets exercised and toned up.


    Stay fit and take your endurance to a new level by practicing yoga. Bikram for instance is a type of yoga that can provide an intense cardiovascular workout. You will be asked to stay in a room that is 110 degrees while being instructed to do 27 postures and stretches that will surely test your pain tolerance. Once you get used to it though, you will be able to hit your goals and build more stamina.


    By exploring the great outdoors, you will not only be able to build muscles and do some cardio, you will also be surrounded with oxygen-giving trees that can be vital in the improvement of your stamina. You should be prepared though since this activity can really be exhausting and can require lots of power and energy since you will also be carrying heavy camping equipment.


    If you want to focus on strengthening the core of your body, you might as well try pilates. This type of exercise focuses on the lower back and stomach and works in improving posture and body alignment. This may prove to be a grueling physical activity but it will surely provide less stress on joints and tendons while building your stamina.

    Sleeping softly

    Aim to sleep for at least seven to eight hours each night. Relaxation is important since your body needs to do some very crucial restorative work. You can also do some breathing exercises or get a 30-minute nap to rest both your brain and body.

    Make love

    Having sex is one of the best ways to pamper your body and increase stamina. Start cuddling your loved one today and prolong not just your life but also your stamina.

    You can easily measure your overall wellness by keeping track of your stamina. Try these exercises and be the envy of your office mates as you regularly take that flight of stairs with confidence instead of the elevator!

    Building hard, lean muscles isn’t onerous. It’s really quite simple. Especially if yου follow these simple three muscle building tips I’m visiting share with you. Sο, if yου’re serious abουt learning the way tο quickly build muscles please visit muscle building tips


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    How to Increase Sexual Stamina – Male Stamina Improvement Tips 

    Learning how to increase sexual stamina is necessary if you want to avoid embarrassing situations like premature ejaculation. But even if you aren’t afflicted with that particular problem, you would want to last long enough in bed to satisfy your partner’s sexual desires and bring her to an earth-shaking orgasm.

    Here are some practical and easy-to-do tips for you men out there on how to increase your sexual stamina:

    -Increase your physical activity. Getting enough regular exercise is good not only for your heart, it’s also an excellent way to boost your libido. When you are physically active, you improve your testosterone levels, and this helps increase male stamina.

    -Get enough rest. But you should also make sure that you are well-rested and relaxed before having sex. How can you expect to last more than just a few minutes in bed, much less bring your partner to the heights of orgasmic pleasure, if you’re too bone-tired? You’ll be sure to last longer and enjoy sex much more if you and your partner are well-rested.

    -Practice delaying your orgasm. Some men do this while masturbating, by slowing down the stroke rate when they feel their orgasm approaching. You can adapt the same principle during sexual intercourse. Once you feel that you’re on your way to having an orgasm, change sex positions and/or slow down the speed of your thrusts. Those few seconds in between position changes will have a significant orgasm-delaying effect.

    It’s also a good idea to vary how fast and how deep you thrust into your partner during sexual intercourse. Alternate between shallow and deep strokes, slow and rapid thrusts. This will not only help delay your orgasm, it will drive your partner crazy with pleasure and excitement.

    -Consider using male sexual enhancement products. There are creams and gels on the market that greatly enhance sexual performance as well as sexual sensations. You or your partner just apply a few drops to your penis, massage it in, and voila! No need to wait weeks or hours for it to take effect. You’re all set for stronger, longer-lasting erections without the inconvenience or uncertainty that can come with popping pills or other drugs.

    So you see, it isn’t all that difficult to learn how to increase sexual stamina. For even more helpful information, go to and learn about a male stamina enhancer that will transform your sex life!


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    Benefits of Having More Stamina 

    More stamina means that you are able to workout for longer, making you stronger in the process. It means you can finally run a few miles and still have gas left in the tank afterwards. But what it really means is that you’ll have more of this…CONFIDENCE.

    Confidence goes a long way in how a person interacts with the opposite sex. If you are a fat slob who spends his daily time sitting on the couch and watching “Seinfeld”, you probably aren’t going to feel as good when talking to the ladies as much as a physically fit, constantly training person would.

    Physical Training not only make you stronger physically, it makes you stronger mentally as well. It doesn’t take a genius to know that most women are more attracted to men with better-toned, in-shape bodies than fat slobs who constantly eat, eat, and eat.

    The more stamina you build up, the longer you can last while training. And the longer you last while training, the stronger you’ll get. And the stronger you get, the more ladies you’ll attract.

    So if you are not training on a regular basis, chances are you have weak stamina. And again, without stamina you can’t train for as long, which won’t make you that much stronger. So the important thing to improve first before anything else is your stamina.

    Being physically fit can go a long way when approaching the opposite sex. You’ll have an extra boost of confidence when you do it.

    Ryan Dodson – Personal Fitness Trainer – Learn how to do the best and easiest exercises that improve your stamina (and confidence) within a couple of weeks by visiting


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    The Value of Regular Physical Exercise and Fitness 

    Is physical exercise a necessary part of our lives? Yes, it definitely is. Without regular physical exercise, our bodies degenerate faster and our lifespans are shorter as well. It is a well known fact that regular physical exercise not only strengthens our muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and internal organs, it also makes us more immune to various kinds of diseases. Apart from these benefits, it also makes us look leaner and younger and gives us a sense of well-being, happiness and confidence.

    During the Stone Age, whenever our ancestors needed food they had to hunt for it and this hunting involved a lot of running and jumping (after wild game), climbing (to pluck fruits) and even swimming (to catch fish). But the physical exertion did not just end there. After they had gathered their food, they had to carry or drag them back to their caves. All these involved a lot of hard manual labour and we can rightly say that our Stone Age ancestors certainly “exercised” a lot.

    With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, machines replaced more and more of manual labour until today, that is the Information Age, almost everything seems to be mechanized or automated. As a result, it is now necessary for us, whether we are male or female, young or old, to make regular physical exercise a part of our lifestyle.

    The purpose of regular physical exercise is to make us become more physically fit so that we can live not only longer but better and more useful lives. The physical exercises that we participate in should include these essential components in order for us to be truly fit:

    Strength training
    Stamina and endurance training
    Flexibility training

    What is Strength training? In this modern day world, whenever we talk about strength training, barbells, dumbells and machines come into our minds. We can achieve much strength by training with these three equipment, but strength can also be achieved by using our own bodyweight as the resistance.

    What is Stamina and endurance training? Again, whenever we talk about stamina and endurance training, running and jumping come into our minds. But stamina and endurance training can also mean training with barbells, dumbells, machines or our own bodyweight as the resistance in a circuit-style fashion.

    What is Flexibility training? Any kind of stretching exercise is considered as flexibility training. The stretching exercises that martial artists and athletes perform as warm-up before or after their actual training are flexibility exercises. Flexibility training is the most neglected component of many exercise regimen and sport. This training is a must-have ingredient for any exercise programme or sport as it not only helps prevent injuries but also transforms one into a better athlete.

    To learn more about Strength training, Stamina and endurance training and Flexibility training, log on to this site:

    About the author: The author is just an ordinary man in the street with a 9 to 5 job (he is not a personal trainer). He happens to be a physical fitness enthusiast and works out regularly. He trains with weights (barbell, dumbell and machines), does athletics (track and field), swims and is also into gymnastics and martial arts.


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    7 Easy Mental and Physical Golf Tips to Save You Strokes 

    After a round of golf almost all polite golfers say “I enjoyed playing golf with you today” while shaking hands with their partners. Do they really mean that? I would bet that almost 99 % of them were not satisfied at all with their games. They say it because this is what you are supposed to say at the end of the game.

    I will introduce you the following 7 easy mental and physical golf tips to save you strokes. Then you may really be able to enjoy your round and your companions.

    Here are 7 easy mental and physical golf tips to save you strokes:

    1. Sleep well the night before you tee off.

    Usually not enough sleep affects golfers’ mental and physical condition and causes them to make bad judgments or uncoordinated movements. A good night sleep will save you strokes.

    2. Stretch your body and loosen your muscles before you tee off.

    Before you make a big movement of your body, you need some preparation exercises like hitting a few balls on the driving range. This simple task will help prevent injuries and may save you strokes in the first couple holes.

    3. Take time to prepare each shot.

    Socializing with your partners is an integral a part of your golf game, but be aware of your turn and think of your next shot before you execute. Identify your aiming spot and take dead aim are the most important golf tips to save your strokes, as the famous teacher Harvey Penick has said.

    4. Breathe deeply a few times after you made a bad shot.

    Taking deep breaths slows your brain function down and makes you calm. This simple action eliminates the chain reaction of bad shots and you may have a chance to recover from a previous bad shot.

    5. Eat a snack and drink water during the game.

    Eating and drinking refreshes your body mentally and physically, and reduces the simple mistakes caused by fatigue.

    6. Eat good nutritious food every day.

    You must be mentally and physically strong to have stamina for 18 holes of golf just like any other sports. Consuming good nutritious food keeps your body strong and ready for action.

    7. Take good and complete nutritional supplements every day.

    Because of environmental pollution and soil depletion in our modern world, it is necessary to supplement our diet no matter how much good nutritional food you eat every day.

    One mental mistake may cost you a chance to win. A lack of physical stamina may throw off every swing. If you recall the last game you have played, one little mistake probably had cost you a few strokes

    I hope these 7 mental and physical golf tips will save you strokes. Then you can genuinely mean it when you say to your playing partners “I had a wonderful time playing with you today.”

    Miko Matics is focused on living a healthy life style that includes a daily nutritional supplement routine. She has tremendous energy all day long. She would like to share her energy building methods with you. Visit her site at or her blog at


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    Women Discover Sexual Satisfaction With Stamina RX 

    Stamina RX is not only for men. This leading natural sexual stimulant product helps women achieve more sexual arousal and better performance. Made by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, this natural supplement works better than other female enhancement pills and creams on the market.

    For women to feel a strong connection with sex, they need to be in tune to both their minds and body in order to have a fulfilling sexual experience with their partner. This fast acting sexual stimulant can help women enjoy better sex in just one hour after taking the supplement.

    You will feel a dramatic increase in sexual desire and arousal because the product stimulates the release of powerful neurotransmitters (dopamine and norephinephrine) that energizes the hypothalamus (the body’s sex center).

    Women Experience Stronger Multiple Orgasms with Stamina RX

    If you cannot achieve an orgasm during sex, it can sometimes be an emotionally traumatic time for both you and your partner. It can lead to frustration and a loss of sexual confidence in the bedroom. This all natural supplement can help you achieve stronger multiple orgasms that leave you and your partner satisfied.

    For women, orgasm is linked to both mental and physical arousal. When you take this supplement, your body will initiate an orgasm as a result of oxytocin that is released into your body. Oxytocin can help dramatically increase the strength and duration of orgasm and can trigger multiple orgasms. By elevating dopamine and norephinephrine levels, the physical and mental senses are more heightened and aroused which makes climax easier and more powerful.

    Assists with Other Female Sexual Dysfunction Issues

    Another physical cause of female sexual dysfunction is poor lubrication. Poor lubrication is a result of decreased blood flow (and poorly maintained blood flow) to the sex organs. This all natural supplement produces up to ten times more blood flow into the sex organs. It also helps maintain and regulate the blood flow and blocks enzymes that can break down the storage of blood in the sex organs. As a result, you will remain physically aroused and experience more sensation during sexual intercourse.

    This supplement contains potent herbs that act as natural aphrodisiacs including Yohimbe bark extract and Muira Puama. You will see dramatic improvements with your sexual health including:

    o Increased libido

    o Heightened sexual sensitivity and sensation

    o Increased strength of orgasms (multiple orgasms)

    It’s recommended to take two tablets two hours before sexual activity to achieve maximum results.

    For more information on Stamina RX visit


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    Exercise and Weight Loss – What Is Native Physical Fitness? 

    What is Native Physical Fitness? Is it Fitness that refers to the original peoples of the United States?

    Is it a reference to your fitness intelligence quotient? Like ” applied VS native ” fitness?

    Native Physical Fitness is a term that refers to the fitness capability that over 100,000 generations of humans have provided us through primal necessity and natural selection. True physical fitness that fits our bodies needs.

    What am I talking about? Let’s see how this evolved fitness relates to our current trend toward aerobic and sustained physical health.

    Native Physical Fitness is the physical stamina that served our ancestor Cavemen. It gave them the burst of speed to escape danger, or capture food. It gave them the energy to fend off predators or enemies. It was on-demand power for personal and group survival.

    This Physical Fitness platform has been refined over countless generations to meet the needs of our body musculature and bone structure. It serves our lungs, heart, and brain so that it keeps the body fit and whole and ready for action. It has evolved over 100’s of years of refinement so that our bodies worked to peak performance without sustained exertion and continuous activity.

    Cavemen did not run for 26 miles at one time, or jump around inside their caves for an hour sweating to the rhythm of a drum (the original BOOM Box). Where they physically fit? I would say that you and I are here so that is a testament to their fitness.

    Is sustained physical effort and/or extended aerobic activity, espoused by today’s physical fitness Guru’s, better for our muscles, internal organs, or bony frames?

    Not in all instances!

    Medical science is finding that our current trend toward physical routines is hurting us much more than helping.

    Studies have shown that Caveman had the fitness capacity to meet instant demands of physical effort. A large heart and expanded lung capacity gave him the fuel and energy to meet his limited effort for survival. After this burst of energy it was followed by rest, not prolonged physical activity.

    Conversely, today’s runners in many instances have a smaller heart to sustain the continual, limited, demand that is placed on it by prolonged activity. Our bodies become efficient and actually adjust to the demands we place on it. It will conserve the capacity of the heart and lungs to sustain long periods of exertion and actually re-tool the muscles, heart and lungs to meet the physical demands placed on it.

    Short maximum physical effort equals maximum use of our bodies, and a higher state of physical fitness.

    Native Physical Fitness makes our systems use the fuels and oxygen provided us at maximum efficiency.

    Today’s fitness routines are being looked at in light of overall health and sustainability of our bodies. The findings are turning current physical beliefs on their ear and showing that in many instances our modern attitude toward fitness is actually hurting us more than helping. Is your routine helping or hindering your fitness goals? Native Physical Fitness is further explained here. The necessity of maintaining peak physical Native Fitness is paramount for the activity explained at


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    Building Stamina Will Help Keep Your Horse Healthy – Proper Diet & A Training Exercise Are a Must! 

    There is more than one aspect of horse care. From maintaining a proper living environment to building proper fences, feeding and grooming, hoof care and shoeing, leg care and bandaging, vaccination- a balance of all these are required to give a horse a healthy and long life.

    It is important to pay attention to building stamina. A proper diet is the most important pre-requisite for this. Horses eat food about 1.5% to 2.5% their body weight each day. Their food includes forage like grass or hay, cereal grains; like oats, barley, molasses, glucose, rice. An adequate intake of water and salts helps in the growth process. Protein is an absolute necessary for building stamina. Protein rich foods are a must for the horses.

    Contrary to popular belief, protein helps build muscles and not fat. It builds the muscles, hooves, nervous system, and a major part of the horse’s skeleton. Protein also helps enhance the growth. A deficiency of proteins in the early stages can cause irreversible damages to the bones. Proteins contain amino acids. Different types of proteins are rich in different types of amino acids. Therefore, it is important to mix various types of protein sources in the diet. A few sources of protein that are most commonly included in a horse’s diet are soybean meal, sunflower seeds or sunflower meal, tick beans, linseed meal or beans, skim milk powder.

    Depending on the age of the horse and the activities it indulges in, its protein intake can be calculated. For example, for a racehorse to be able to perform at its best level, a high quality of protein intake is necessary. It guarantees the necessary repair of tissues and builds stamina. Physical strength and stamina comes mainly from muscles and muscles are in turn developed by proteins. For convalescing horses on the other hand, the diet must contain less amounts of carbohydrates so that the horse does not grow fat. But the protein content must be kept at a high level so that it recovers from any injury and rejuvenates fast.

    Apart from the dietary requirements, regular exercise, proper environment and climatic conditions also serve as additional pre-requisites to building stamina. A proper training regime is also required to keep the horse stay fit. Trotting is a great way of building stamina. Depending on the level of fitness of the horse, trotting at regular intervals can yield good results. Working on various kinds of gymnastics or training exercises are always part of a training routine. Without proper muscle strength and stamina a horse cannot perform at its optimum level. Depending on the physical stress that a horse endures, the amount of dietary protein must be varied in order to maintain body conditions. Also, there are various protein supplements and injections available in the market that can be used. But proper research about any side effects that they may have must be done.

    It can thus be concluded that building stamina is an important aspect of raising and breeding horses. It is a correct blend of environment, health care, proper diet and exercises that helps increase and maintains the stamina and keeps the horse healthy.

    Cathy Barrea is an award winning trainer and creator of Gymnastics for Horses. Her career spans over 35 years, during which time she has traveled the United States and Canada showing, training and teaching students and horses.


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